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Domestic Systems

The HSE L8 Approved Code of Practice states that domestic header tanks should be inspected annually and if necessary cleaned and disinfected.

 Domestic systems including header tanks

Premier (C&D) Ltd carry out inspections, normally as part of a monitoring regime, and carry out the cleaning and disinfection if required.

  • Premier (C&D) Ltd will inspect a header tank as required and report on condition then follow up with clean and disinfection if required.
  • Drain down of system, though normal usage outlets, tank drain or submersible pump as required.
  • Clean down internals as required.
  • Refill and chlorinate the tank as specified by the end user, again in accordance with HSE L8 guidelines.
  • Supersill may be used as an alternative to chlorination.
  • Pull through of treated water to each individual outlet as per HSE L8 also carried out all on agreement with end customer.
  • Written report left on site and a follow up Cleaning & Disinfection Report” complete with photographs before and after clean produced.